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TM Property

TM Property

TM Property an automated system for management of property and land

The all-inclusive approach to management of property relations allows to implement complete oversight of the legal and business relations between the municipalities, municipal enterprises, institutions, legal entities, individuals, property owners, development and real estate maintenance institutions, and other subjects of economic relations.

The TM Property system is intended for building the single information space. It helps to improve efficiency of divisions of a public institution.

Functions of the system:

  • Management of federal, province, municipal, and corporate property.
  • Producing documentation for all phases of the life cycle of real estate and property.
  • Planning and ensuring adherence to the procedures, monitoring essential events in the course of management of public, municipal, or corporate property.

The main competitive advantages of the system are:

  • Full compliance with the law, including the regulation on accounting federal property issued by the Government of the Russian Federation, dated 16.07.2007, No. 447, "On Improvement of Account of Federal Property"
  • Accounting for property objects with links to the economic agents, documents, regulations and procedures; a process-based approach to management of the land and property.
  • Maintaining registers of the movable property, real estate, land plots, stocks, shares, holding, transport, unfinished construction objects, tenants, construction contractors, citizens who received subsidies.
  • Creating and keeping documents, including certificates of registration of rights, technical passports, lease and sublease contracts, tender documents, decisions on commissioning for operation, property claim documentation.
  • Management of all types of contracts, all types of rights and property relations, checking and monitoring adherence to procedures and regulations.
  • Calculating depreciation, the remaining value and balance sheet value of public property.
  • Calculating the rent payment using flexible algorithms, accounting payments to the state budget collected for leasing public property in compliance with Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 30.06.1998 No. 685 "On Measures for Receiving Income from the Use of federal Property to the State Budget", calculation and accounting of payments, penalties and fines.
  • Maintaining an event calendar, sending E-mail or SMS notices connected with property relations, including supervision and management of bankruptcy phases, settlement agreements, court procedures, claims, trading and auctions connected with each property object.
  • Integration with the accounting system, preparation of property depreciation transactions, monitoring the execution of the accrued payments.
  • Rich collection of ready reports and analytical sections, flexible reporting system based on the single information space covering facilities, documents, processes, and events.
  • Maintaining the history of events in all phases of property life cycle, with the convenient possibility to search for events and documents.
  • Visual presentation of plans and maps of the real estate by means of an integrated GIS map module.
  • Remote access through web-interface.
  • Easy administration: the system is accessed through a Web-browser, it does not require installation on the workstation.
  • Setting user roles and access privileges in compliance with the information security policy.
  • Implementing public and municipal services in the Internet, support of integration with the interdepartmental coordination system.
  • The system is ready for installation in the corporate data center. It supports operation in the corporate cloud.

The flexible configuration functions permit to define new types of documents, registers, procedures, property attributes and property class dictionaries, create or modify data input forms, create arbitrary information objects.

Public services in the areas of property and land relations and social relations

TM Property system can be used for implementing a number of public or municipal services in the area of property and land relations, civil engineering, and regulation of commercial activities, which are included in the list of the priority services in compliance with Instruction No. 1993-r dated 17 December 2009 of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The system supports automation of services 34, 35, and 52 to 58 as described in Instruction 1993-r, services 8 and 9 as described in Instruction 1506-r, and the interdepartmental electronic interplay connected with these services.

TM Property system passed a comprehensive expert examination by Russian national computing and IT research institution VNII PVTI on instruction of OJSC Rostelecom and was recommended as a typical IT solution to be implemented in the Russian regions through  Rostelecom's channels.

TM Property system can be configured and installed in the data center of the regional executive authority or onto the centralized Rostelecom's infrastructure for provision of public or municipal electronic services by the constituent of the Russian Federation or by municipalities located in its territory.

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