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Specialized solutions from Galaktika Corporation are aimed at support of specific business-processes in sectors of economy. They complement the functionality of the ERP system. They can be used in combination with ERP systems from other vendors.
Corporation Galaktika developed special solutions Galaktika Start and Galaktika Progress specifically for the mid-size companies that are interested in concrete results from the IT implementation in short time at affordable price.      
  • Galaktika Start is a comprehensive system for automation of accounting, financial reporting and procurement. It is intended for small and mid-size businesses operating in the wholesale trade, small batch trade, and services sectors.
  • Galaktika Progress is a special solution for small and mid-size companies. It is based on Galaktika ERP. The client can obtain a ready-to-use full-featured ERP system with minimum financial investment. The solution implements exactly the functions the client needs in the first phase of comprehensive automation of management: the basic tasks of financial accounting, financial management, logistics, and production.
  • Solutions for sectors of economy integrate Galakika's competence, expert knowledge and software products for the use by enterprises in specific sectors. The sectoral solutions based on Galaktika ERP completely meet client's requirements and match the specifics of the sector.
  • Galaktika Mechanical Engineering is intended for owners and managers of the enterprise as well as managers and employees in commercial, planning, financial departments, preproduction divisions, the Chief Engineering Officer, etc. It includes functionality for management of production, staff, material resources, quality.
  • Galaktika Civil Engineering Management is aimed at comprehensive management of the company operating in the civil engineering or development sector and management of construction projects. It is tailored to the specifics of business processes in the building and construction.
  • Galaktika Agro Holding Management is a specialized solution for efficient management of all financial and business operations of factory farms. The solution provides comprehensive automation of management of material, financial, and human resources, production, quality of raw materials and finished products, etc.
  •  Galaktika Transport Management is an automated transport management system. The solution is aimed at transport companies and enterprises in other sectors of economy which have transport divisions.
  • Galaktika Food Industry covers the specifics of accounting in the food sector, helps to perform procurement and sales tasks, prepare and follow the production program. The solution forms a basis of the single enterprise information space as it covers the entire organization of the food industry enterprise, providing each actor with convenient management tools.
  • Galaktika Insurance is a comprehensive solution for insurance companies. It provides all-round management of insurance, including the typical business processes of the insurance company and configuration in accordance with specific client's requirements.
  • Galaktika Forest Management is a comprehensive specialized solution for the wood enterprise. The solution is based on Galaktika ERP. Holding companies, lumber companies, and woodworking enterprises can use it for efficient management of their finance and operations.
  • Galaktika Oil and Gas Complex is intended for automation of most typical tasks at the oil-and-gas production enterprise or oil refinery.
  • Galaktika R&D Management is a special solution aimed at scientific research or design institutions, engineering departments, or institutions performing surveys or project design work. The solution is based on the Galaktika ERP functionality. It covers management of work orders, contracts with clients, subcontractors, and work assigned to the internal divisions of the enterprise.
  • Galaktika Mobile Trade Management is a specialized solution intended for management of the product mix, sales, and logistics at the enterprises trading through a network of business representatives.
  • Solution Mobile Material Asset Management with Bar Code Technology is based on software products Galaktika ERP and MobileSmarts 2008. It uses the bar code technology in warehouse operations such as admitting materials to the warehouse, releasing materials for production, handing out overalls, working tools, etc.

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