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Galaktika Corporation offers a suite of business solutions and a number of other software products to institutions, enterprises, and companies. Galaktika ERP, an integrated management system, is a core of the suite of business solutions.

Galaktika ERP is a central component in the suite of Galaktika's business solutions. This ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is intended for mid-size or large enterprises. It offers a broad set of functions providing information and supporting the whole spectrum of strategic planning and operational management tasks.

Galaktika BI supports decision making by the top managers of the enterprise. It is a suite of applications helping to use the existing enterprise management systems to improve efficiency of the business processes (business analysis) in multiple areas of company's operations.

Galaktika HRM is a comprehensive - Human Resource Management - Human Capital Management system. It covers management of quantity and quality of staff at the enterprise; creating various incentive and bonus programs for the employees, monitoring efficiency of employees, management of work efficiency, making any calculations of compensations, deductions, etc.

Galaktika AMM is a comprehensive solution for management of the industrial enterprise. It is based on a brand new approach to the implementation of efficient management systems for the production and auxiliary processes at the industrial enterprise.

Galaktika EAM is an information system for management of production assets. It incorporates modern condition-based asset maintenance methods and is aimed at reliability.

Galaktika ERP for University is a specialized solution based on Galaktika ERP. It offers tools for management of the education process, finance and operations of the higher education institution.

Galaktika Class Schedule for Educational Institutions is an system for optimization the work of educational institutions. This system creates сlass schedule for various educational institutions. The main target user of the new system will be staff members responsible for compiling сlass schedule.

TM Property is an automated system for management of property and land. The comprehensive approach to management of the property relations helps to achieve full supervision of legal and business relations between the municipality, municipal companies, institutions, corporations, and individuals who are owners or occupants of properties, civil engineering companies, developers, operators, and other parties in economic relations.

Galaktika IPMS is intended for management of investment programs. It supports long term, mid-term, and current planning of the investment activities, collecting information and calculating indicators, producing reports on the implementation of the capital investment program, R&D, or other investments.

Galaktika Project Management system is intended for automated management of the design work, including maintenance of the project portfolio, component work items, management of labor resources, material resources, and production capacity; planning, account and supervision of project implementation, monitoring key indicators of the projects.



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