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Galaktika HRM

Galaktika HRM

The Galaktika HRM (Human Resource Management) system is intended for determining efficient human resource management policies at the enterprise to recruit new staff, manage human resources, calculate compensation, provide incentives, develop and improve employees' skill levels.

The system is comprised of modules which allow for automating the HRM, time keeping and calculations of the compensation at the enterprise:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Labour Compensation and Payroll
  • Time and attendance

Activities supported by the Galaktika HRM:

  • Manage the number and quality of the enterprise's staff (hiring, retiring employees, maintaining human reserves, allocating the staff, etc.)
  • Evaluate work motivation and efficiency of employees
  • Monitor work efficiency
  • Manage employee performance, remuneration, and work time
  • Perform any calculations connected with compensation, including automatic breakdown of the bottom line by payments and cost items;
  • Produce documents in compliance with regulatory requirements; standard reports, any arbitrary reports, tax returns, and Pension Fund reports.

Algorithms of the Galaktika HRM were designed in strict compliance with the national law and best international practices of human capital management.

The Galaktika HRM is intended for both public and private enterprises in various sectors, including companies with extended dealer or agency chains. The system can be used on its own or in combination with other modules from the Galaktika ERP system using the common database.


  • Determining an efficient staff management policies, advanced tools for planning incentives and motivation programs for employees.
  • Substantial decrease of work in staff management, time keeping, and calculating employee compensations.
  • Improvement of work efficiency.

The Galaktika HRM helps the senior management to promptly obtain information on any matter connected with the enterprise organization, manning table, vacant job positions, and employee details. The system allows for quick assessment of the existing situation and making the right decisions based on the reliable and up-to-date information.

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