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Galaktika ERP for University

Galaktika ERP for University

Galaktika ERP for University is an efficient tool for managing the education process and entire financial and economic activities of a higher education institution.

The Galaktika ERP for University solution is based on the Galaktika ERP system. It is a modern comprehensive IT solution supporting and providing information for management of the education process and entire financial and economic activities of a higher education institution.

The solution satisfies the regulatory requirements for the industry information system in the area of education, applicable in the Russian Federation. It is compatible with the concept of development of the integrated automated information system of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The solution was certified by FGU GNII ITT Informica in the course of voluntary certification program InformicaCert. 

Galaktika ERP for University enables:

  • Plan the education process efficiently
  • Put the main divisions of the higher education institution together in the single information space
  • Decrease the amount of paperwork, simplify data collection and processing
  • Increase the reliability and speed of information processing to support the timely management decision-making
  • Formalize and rearrange business processes
  • Decrease the human error probability for the users who possess information
  • Control and monitor financial and human resources
  • Produce management reports for the leadership of the higher education institution on time with the necessary detail.

The system supports a broad variety of management tasks in the modern higher education institution.

  • Education process management
  • Budget and finance management
  • Management of contracts and logistics
  • Human resource management (including the manning table and time keeping)
  • Calculation of salary and scholarship
  • Accounting and taxes
  • Management of classrooms and residential premises
  • R&D Management
  • Management of motor vehicles
  • Management of capital construction and maintenance
  • Management of material and technical supplies
  • Integration with the electronic documentation system
  • Integration with the existing information systems of the institution 

The Galaktika ERP for University solution is comprised of modules. It is possible to choose a configuration for the optimum functionality. The configuration and milestones of implementation of the solution are determined based on the needs of the institution.

The solution is intended for the higher education institutions (college, university) and postgraduate study / retraining institutions that have their own classrooms, academic staff, and students. The functionality of the Galaktika University Management allows for the efficient use by geographically distributed education institutions.

Galaktika ERP for University is an open solution, therefore it is easy to integrate with the existing information systems:

  • Electronic document workflow systems, ECM-systems
  • Distance learning systems
  • Access control systems 
  • Electronic libraries
  • The common database for the Russian uniform entrance examination
  • Accounting systems of the education institutions
  • OCR and document imaging systems
  • Data collection systems using the forms stipulated by the law
  • Treasury systems
  • Industry systems of ministries and governmental departments

The solution enables the education institution to build a single information space and protect the previous IT investment.

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