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Galaktika Class Schedule

Galaktika Class Schedule

New system Galaktika Class Schedule for Educational Institutions. New approach to optimising the work of educational institutions.

This system creates сlass schedule for various educational institutions.

The main target user of the new system will be staff members responsible for compiling сlass schedule.

Main features and key advantages of the system Galaktika Class Schedule

A unique tool for compiling сlass schedule:

  • effective timetable designer;
  • automatic compilation of provisional timetables;
  • automatic, manual or semi-automatic timetable formation modes.

Modern high-tech user interface:

  • meets the highest usability requirements;
  • uses a broad range of tools from our business-platform Xafari;
  • flexible system of user settings.

Comprehensive system of function settings:

  • settings, recording and ranking of more than four dozen timetable efficiency indicators (KPI);
  • linking of classroom fund to subjects, study methods, departments and faculties;
  • resource prioritising across the timetable, by assigning priority to subjects, teachers, subject and study method complexity ;
  • recording and control of distance between buildings and rooms, their priorities when assigning lessons and sessions;
  • supports various groups (students, sub-group, group, year, course), controls their overlaps and coinciding lessons;
  • flexible system of resources reservation and bans, including teachers' requests, displaying of availability, and classroom booking;
  • supports multiple lesson start/lesson end schedules across various buildings and timetables, taking into account variations by day of the week;
  • supports study in several shift (morning/day, night);
  • control of lesson/session duration.

Technology for control of subject-specific lesson plans:

  • weekly lesson plans;
  • control of individual study and lesson plans;
  • study and subject sequence flow-plans;
  • control of required time elapsed between certain lessons and subjects;
  • control of availability of media and IT equipment in rooms required for certain subjects and lessons.

Intelligent support system:

  • selection, ranking and visualization of available timetable options;
  • hide or block incorrect actions;
  • the system functions effectively offscreen, for intelligent data preparation and processing.

Powerful analytical sub-system:

  • control, calculation and visualization of timetable efficiency indicators (KPI), error detalization;
  • calculation of integrated quality indicators, comparison of timetables;
  • preparation and visualization of information on teacher loads, room use;
  • graphical representation of information on balance of hours when making changes and replacements in timetables, room use, teaching staff.

Smart reporting system:

  • generate reports, with standard forms for summary information output from all timetables in the context of classrooms, groups, teachers (timetables selector, changes log, standard week);
  • direct data export to Excel using special templates;
  • built-in reporting forms designer.

Upload input data for timetable generation from other educational processes informational systems:

  • sub-system for import of input data from xml-files;
  • Excel-templates for preparation and control of data, data export in xml-format;
  • integrated with Galaktika ERP for University.

Integrated web-service.

Online access for third-party applications to ready timetables through the standard web-service tools.

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