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Galaktika BI

Galaktika BI

Galaktika BI - (Business Intelligence)  is a solution for intelligent management and support of the business. Key performance indicators are used to monitor and analyze the performance of the company.

The Galaktika BI solution line is a set of applications allowing to leverage the existing enterprise management systems to achieve substantial improvement of efficiency of the business processes in multiple areas of operation of the company. 

The solutions comprising the Galaktika Business Intelligence suite are based on a platform which uses the cutting edge IT products: Microsoft.NET framework, service-oriented architecture (SOA), web-services, and OLAP technology.

Using the modern tools included with the Galaktika BI suite, it is possible to build an application solution for analyzing the performance of the enterprise by any key performance indicators which are important for the manager.

The Galaktika Business Intelligence suite includes applications:

  • Galaktika BI Sales – Management of sales based on the monitoring and analysis of results of the sales operations.
  • Galaktika BI Stock — Management of stock in storage.
  • Galaktika Business Monitor – Application tool for building BI-solutions.

Business intelligence tools are essential for ensuring the competitive positions and innovative development of the company, improvement of operational efficiency, decreasing costs, and entering new markets. The improved analysis reveals new opportunities for development of the business and improvement of the competitive positions.

In addition to just responding to the data, the business intelligence tools incite action, help reveal hidden problems and trends, make the company proactive to stay ahead of the competition.

Galaktika BI suite is a package of solutions in the area of intelligent support and maintenance of the business.

The use of the Galaktika BI solutions:

  • Opens the prospects and reveals new business opportunities, helps to make decisions based on facts rather than intuition.
  • Supports innovative approaches, viewing the established procedures from new angles; helps to improve performance of the company, use the resources reasonably and efficiently, and cut expenses.
  • Provides reliable and transparent reports, reduces the time of production of reports, thus allowing the manager to stay updated with the events and make necessary decisions in timely manner.
  • Helps to stay ahead technologywise by offering the modern analytical tools and unique innovative technologies.

The Galaktika BI suite solves the strategic dilemma of management of the modern company, when you need to strive for innovation, embrace new promising business areas, stay flexible in management on one hand, while ensuring stability and keeping your business processes sustainable and manageable on the other hand, in order to preserve the competitive position.

Advantages offered by Galaktika BI:

  • Processing large amounts of data at high speed
  • Eliminating human errors in the course of preparation of enterprise performance data

Auditing the data base of the information system. 

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