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Galaktika ERP

Galaktika ERP

Galaktika ERP is a part of a comprehensive set of business solutions from Galaktika Corporation. It is intended for medium size and large enterprises. The system has a broad variety of functions to support and provide information for the entire spectrum of the strategic planning and operational management tasks.   

Galaktika ERP was designed for the circumstances of the Russian, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan  domestic economies, including frequent changes in the applicable law. This design specifics makes Galaktika ERP a powerful tool for building a management system which can remain effective throughout the economical recession or growth periods or internal changes at the enterprise. 

The Galaktika ERP system is comprised of modules. The clients can purchase the configuration they need. Our proven methods of implementing the automation projects help to introduce the ERP system within short deadlines, fixed budget and minimum risks for the client. This ensures quick return of investment to the IT.

We use advanced cutting edge technologies and tools for the development and implementation of the Galaktika ERP system. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the implementation based on web-services offer additional possibilities to integrate the Galaktika ERP system with third party products.  

Special features of Galaktika ERP 

  • ERP concept compliant with MRP-II

Broad functionality for the strategic planning and operational management of the enterprise: management of finance, production, materials, and human resources. 

  • Support of national and international accounting and financial standards

The Galaktika ERP system supports the bookkeeping and generating accounting standards and financial reporting in compliance with the requirements of the Russian, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan national accounting systems, the International Accounting Standard  (IAS), or General Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP). 

  • Flexible adaptation to the changing business circumstances

Thousands of enterprises make productive use of this system in many sectors of economy in the CIS countries. The Galaktika ERP system enables efficient management regardless of the recession or economical growth periods or internal changes at the enterprise. 

  • Open to integrate with any software

The support of open development standards (XML, COM, ActiveX, ODBC) makes it possible to integrate  the Galaktika ERP with any special software or office applications, or substitute modules developed by the client for components or subsystems of the Galaktika ERP. This helps to create a single information space suitable for solving management tasks at any level, and eliminate duplicated information at the enterprise. 

  • Creating reports in various forms and structure readily and easily

Modern reporting functionalities which are available in the Galaktika ERP permit to produce the necessary reports in compliance with the guidelines and standards adopted at the enterprise. 

  • Remote access to the system resources without additional cost, possibility to use low bandwidth channels 

Client's team can use the advantages of the single information space to implement the management processes regardless of geographical locations of the divisions and branches of the enterprise.

  • Accounting for affiliated companies

Maintaining records for a number of legal entities in one database, the holding company can centralize administration of the legal entities' data, use a common directory of the regulatory and reference information, manage access to group's data and individual companies' data in a flexible manner, and produce consolidated data for the holding or group of companies. 

  • Scalability

Depending on the objectives and available resources, the client can build and use any configuration of the Galaktika ERP system while making the maximum use of the previous investment in the IT. It is not necessary to procure hardware dimensioned for the future growth when implementing the system. The client can implement as much infrastructure as necessary at the time of implementation. It will not limit the future scalability. 

  • Quick implementation 

The proven methods of deployment of automation projects help to implement the system in short time, within the budget, and at the minimum risk for the enterprise. This ensures quick return of investment in the IT. 

  • Protecting confidential information

The information security mechanisms integrated in the Galaktika ERP system meet the applicable guidelines. We have a certificate issued by the Russian Federal Authority for Technical and Export Supervision (FS TEC) confirming this. 

  • Compliance with international quality standard ISO 9001:2008

The quality management system used for the design, development, implementation, technical support, and maintenance of the Galaktika ERP system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, which is confirmed by a certificate.

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