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About Galaktika

Gennady Gatsko
Gennady Gatsko Chairman of the Board of Directors Galaktika Corporation
Project results to serve our clients and invariably high quality are the priority of our work.
Galaktika Corporation is a leading developer and vendor of information technology for management solutions, since 1987. Our main objective is to offer effective support to our clients and their business by creating and developing IT solutions that best meet businesses' needs in the modern information technologies. The solutions offered by Galaktika Corporation are based on the expert knowledge and vast practical experience accumulated by the company.

Why choose us?

  • Over 25 years of success in the market and more than 6500 successful IT projects – reliability and experience proven over time!
  • Broad and profound range of product functions capable of solving business tasks from virtually any sector and industry.
  • Innovative approach to business solutions means we always offer our clients the cutting-edge technologies.
  • Stable and continuous investment in product development, ensured by our existing large and stable client base.
  • Our solutions are easily integrated with third-party systems and programs.
  • Our team of professionals are at your disposal, to ensure only top-quality project solutions.
  • In-house experts in the field of development, consulting, implementation, which means we can:
  • promptly react to legislative variations or changes in client's business;
  • guarantee timely response to any client equerries;
  • receive technical support directly from the developers;
  • act as a single contractor on large-scale and complex projects.
  • Sophisticated international and regional network across the CIS. Our clients can expect reliable and professional support directly in their own region.
Galaktika ERP – is the end-to-end enterprise resource planning solution for business.
Galaktika ERP system solves a wide range of accounting and administrative tasks: from bookkeeping and logistics to controlling and budgeting.

Galaktika ERP supports work in two- and three-tier architecture. Effectively operates in modern hardware configurations using terminal servers, data center and cluster technologies. Ensures operation under the most advanced modern DBMS: Oracle, MS SQL Server and Pervasive PSQL.

The suite of Galaktika's business solutions includes:

Always headed for innovation, Galaktika offers solutions based of its newest technological platform XAFARI:

  • Galaktika AMM – comprehensive solution for management of production and auxiliary processes at industrial enterprises.
  • Galaktika EAM – enterprise asset management solution.
  • Galaktika HRM – human resource management system.
  • Galaktika CnP – financial consolidation and planning.
  • Galaktika Study Plan.
All of these products can be used both as stand-alone solutions, integrated with Galaktika ERP, or with other systems already operated at your enterprise.

The family of Galaktika business solutions also includes industry-specific solutions developed on the basis of Galaktika ERP:

  • Galaktika ERP University
  • Galaktika ERP Gas & Oil
  • Galaktika ERP Mechanical Engineering
  • Galaktika ERP Transport Management
  • Galaktika ERP Construction Management
  • Galaktika ERP Food Industry
  • Galaktika ERP Insurance
  • Galaktika Agro Holding Management
  • Galaktika Forest Management
Specialized solutions:
  • Galaktika R&D Management
  • Galaktika Mobile Trade Management
  • Mobile Material Asset Management with Bar Code Technology
Solutions for medium-size business:
  • Galaktika-Start
  • Galaktika-Progress
Solution for the public sector:

ТМ Property – is an automated system for management of property and land on the municipal level.

In the public sector, Galaktika works to optimise and introduce automatic processes in the sphere of state and municipal services for land and property management, construction and business regulation.

The innovative corporate solutions of Galaktika Corporation support specific business processes of various enterprises, to further enhance the functionality of our ERP-system.

  • Galaktika Business Intelligence – monitoring and analysis of the enterprise by key performance indicators.
  • Galaktika IPMS – intended for management of investment programs.
  • Mobile solutions.
  • Mobile bar-code encoding. Inventory accounting.
We provide a full range of services:
  • IT-consulting and development of automation projects.
  • Galaktika IPMS – intended for management of investment programs.
  • Custom development.
  • Systems installation and launch.
  • Training.
  • Support and further development of already implemented solutions.
Galaktika Corporation is an international company operating a sophisticated regional network. With over 200 partners at our disposal, we offer our clients a habit of always receiving prompt solutions to any issues and reliable support from the qualified specialists directly in their region.

The Corporation has branches located in the capital cities of the CIS: Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Almaty; as well as major Russian cities: St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg.

Board of Directors of Galaktika Corporation

Gennady Gatsko is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Galaktika Corporation.

Dmitry Chernykh is Board Director of Galaktika Corporation.

Valery Basalyga is First Vice-president of Galaktika Corporation.

Andrei Marushkevich  is First Vice-president of Galaktika Corporation.

Our Mission 

Galaktika Corporation is developing and implementing best business and informational technologies in behalf of increasing efficiency of enterprises and organizations, providing high productivity for top management and employers. Galaktika Corporation is a center of successful entrepreneurship intends to be World Class Company our employers, partners and customers are proud of.
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